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Hi Paul,

"We've had many great chats, while I placed my umtienth order for Up Your Gas, many thanks.

I'm 70 years old and Up Your Gas has been the only energy supplement I have relied on for 20 years or more. The guarana and green tea are the perfect energy combo, since I am allergic to coffee caffeine. I'm also hypoglycemic so the liquid energy drinks spike my blood sugar, and there's no sugar in Up Your Gas. Another benefit I enjoy is the ginko leaf extract, which improves circulation as well as brain function, a real plus when you're 70! When I tell people about Up Your Gas, the name really gets their attention and they look at me as if to say, "say what"! But I say it works, it's wonderful! "

Carol Flament
Charlotte, NC 28210
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Up Your Gas is the herbal energy blaster with the crazy name that's been supercharging lives across America since 1992!

Is your energy pill letting you down? You know what we mean: Jitters, shakes and crashes. Horrible-tasting "shots." Hey, that's no fun at all!

Up Your Gas makes life FUN again with OUTRAGEOUS energy benefits:
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Up Your Gas unites the world's most powerful vitality boosters in one convenient tablet. Our legendary formula includes time-tested exotics from around the globe:

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We know the name is zany! But don't be fooled: Up Your Gas is serious - unleashing diverse bio-activities that optimize your energy in many different ways. Up Your Gas:

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PLUS: Up Your Gas is enhanced with Bioperene®, a black pepper extract that boosts absorption of all ingredients Up Your Gas energy comes on fast and stays for the long haul.

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We told you Up Your Gas was serious! That's what happens when you combine the world's greatest energizers in one pill!

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